Bottle Cutter Tool Kit

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Recycle glass bottles and jars and create functional art at the same time!

Create your own glass sculptures, sun catchers and ornaments easily with this glass cutter.  Sturdier and easier to use than plastic models, this highly durable metal bottle cutter will have you cutting bottles perfectly in 5 easy steps.  

Simply place your bottle on the support device, apply pressure, and rotate; heat the score over boiled water and cold water alternately for three times. The results will amaze you, breaks clean nearly every time. Even thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly.

This glass bottle cutter takes a few time to get used to, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll be able to cut wine bottles up easily. Cutting length up to 160mm (from the bottom of the bottle).

Step One:  Decide where you want to cut the bottle by loosening the screw and moving the backstop forward for a shorter cut and backwards for a longer cut.

Step Two: Scoring The Bottle. This is exactly the same as making a score line when glass cutting.

Rotate the bottle towards you with two hands (see photo). Keep it firmly against the backstop and keep it moving while you're making the score line - This will take practice if you've never used a cutter to cut glass before. Continue to go round.

Step Three: Heating the Score line.  Heat the score over boiled water and cold water alternately; bathe three times or more.

Step Four: Separate the bottle

Step Five: Smooth and polish the edges with sandpaper (wet if required).

And voila! You have your unique glass!

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